A16Z Podcast: 談人才、科技趨勢與文化

最近比較愛聽 podcast, 最近這篇 A16Z “Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture — with Ben, Marc, and Tyler Cowen” 覺得很有趣。我摘要記錄一下內容。

  • Blockchain 現在還很慢, 很難開發, 但他有個前所未有 new feature: Trust。有了 Trust, 你就不用依賴政府, 公司, 或你的律師,你只需要相信 mathematical properties or game theoretical properties of the system。基於這樣,可以再開發新的應用,就像 You can program money, contracts, create digital properties等等。

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Interested in Startups. Venture Partner of Hustle Fund VC. Ex: VP at 500 Startups, Co-founder of Cubie, Gamelet, Twittai, Willmobile

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